Aerodynamic wind blade innovation, powered by F1 expertise

As leaders in aerodynamic innovation, Anakata provides the most innovative wind blade technology available for the global wind industry. Our technologies are fully architected for the wind turbine’s specific set of characteristics - but, uniquely in the wind generation market, we apply very high spec aerodynamic expertise from an industry that’s always been about data-driven engineering excellence: F1 motor racing.

For example, 3D modelling of airflows using complex software and integration with wind tunnel testing is one of the cornerstones of F1 aerodynamics, but little used in the wind industry. Traditionally, the wind turbine industry has developed along a wholly two-dimensional blade design process, mainly due to the blades themselves being so big (and thus impossible to model in a wind tunnel). This has led to most 3D flow regimes on the blade being under-developed and generally neglected in terms of proper aerodynamic optimisation.

The good news is our engineering team, with its deep experience in F1 techniques, uses this understanding to focus on how the correct manipulation of airflows impacts the amount of energy a turbine blade can capture from the wind plus how the amount of stress placed on a blade can be reduced by eliminating unsteady airflows. Our team has built and run several wind tunnel facilities, with the insights gained being used to develop Anakata’s upgrade products, where design gets continuously improved to help optimise every millimetre of a wind turbine’s blade.

In addition, as many of Anakata’s products are targeted at the inboard region of the blade or the very outboard region, we find there is always increased power available from these regions of all commercial wind turbine blades. With our holistic approach, no particular part of the blade is neglected when considering opportunities for upgrade.

This approach means that we deliver the most appropriate strategic advice for your specific business needs via a set of industry-unique, proprietary technologies that drive higher performance and proven wind turbine customer ROI.

As a result, Anakata’s growing roster of wind farm owners and wind turbine manufacturers are seeing performance uplifts of over 5%, a metric of performance uplift independently verified by our global customers and OEM partners, on a consistent basis, at operational wind farms.

Performance with Purpose