Since our foundation, we’ve spent significant research and development time planning and improving what we wanted: a completely new approach to wind energy aerodynamics.

This included early work in developing diffuser augmented microturbines, as well as new approaches to blade development, a whole new set of add-ons and other innovations. This significant product design, architecting and development means we have already demonstrated exceptional performance boosts for some of the largest wind farm owners and turbine manufacturers in the world.


Ben Wood

Established in 2011, Anakata’s core senior leadership team is a true synergy between engineering and business, in the shape of our Chief Technology Officer, Ben Wood, and our new Chief Executive, Huw Griffiths.


Ben founded Anakata when he saw the need to bring F1 innovation and proven motorsport R&D techniques to the wind turbine and carbon reduction industries. Recognised in high-end racing as a ‘serial innovator’, Ben is a previous Head of Aerodynamics at Super-Aguri and Chief Aerodynamicist at Brawn GP/ Mercedes GP (formerly Honda F1), where he managed a team of over 100 people and drove research budgets in excess of £10million. His commitment to low carbon engineering also led him to senior roles in a number of special vehicle projects, including the ‘Teardrop Trailers’ curved roof lorries currently operated by international retailer M&S.


Huw Griffiths

Huw brings three decades of commercial experience in the energy field to his role, experience that includes nearly 20 in the wind sector (onshore and offshore). Formerly COO at one of the largest independent generators of onshore wind energy in Europe, Ventient Energy, where he helped grow the business seven-fold in five years, he’s also had stints at a number of private equity-backed companies, and with BP and Mobil. As a result, Huw’s no stranger to the everyday growth and delivery challenges of all parts of the alternative energy ecosystem.