Our mission is to help solve the climate change crisis one turbine at a time, working with the wind industry to deliver solutions to optimise the production of clean energy to address the climate crisis for us, and for future generations.

Our Purpose

If you like what you hear, we are always looking to grow the Anakata team and achieve our goal of being the global leader in aerodynamic blade technology. Like-minded, passionate people like you are what we need - so if you’re either deep into practical aerodynamics, already in the wind industry but can see how it could make an even bigger contribution to Net Zero, or are great at building relationships with key stakeholders in the sector, please drop us a line.


We take you being completely 100% energised about saving our planet for granted. That’s because we make a difference, want to be a force for good - and want like-minded individuals to join us.


That’s what we’re all about: Performance, with purpose.

Performance with Purpose