Upgrade packs

Anakata have been developing and installing blade furniture upgrade packs for over seven years and are now offering solutions that deliver 5% AEP or more. The success of our products has been validated by Ventient Energy and is being deployed with numerous other wind farm owners.

Starting by working with the OEMs on blade aerofoil profile development, we have completed many collaborative projects to develop industry standard add-ons such as Vortex Generators and Serrations.

Methods of simulation and validation used to design devices to control the omni-present ‘inboard stall region’ on modern blades

Recognising the innovation constraints of working with OEMs, we now offer superior, innovative packs for all turbines independently, using our fusion of wind turbine and formula one aerodynamic expertise.

Our Onshore packs generally consist of a 3D Tip Booster and a combination of effective bespoke inboard devices.

Solutions are tailored to the turbine type, but also take into account the wind farm specific conditions. Much of the aerodynamic pack development is based on wind tunnel testing plus simulation of the aerodynamic parameters.

At every stage during development, the impact upon the turbine of the pack is considered for life extension impact and extreme loads thresholds. Aeroelastic turbine modelling is at the core of this process. Third party diligence may be used by clients and customers to validate Anakata solutions.

Several Finite Element Analyses are performed to optimise structural integrity and bonding fidelity of all components.

No Anakata product is supplied without significant testing and Quality Assurance, while our engineering culture, with its F1 roots means there is never any compromise in terms of operational safety and integrity.

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Upgrade packs

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