Noise suppression devices

Anakata has developed noise suppression solutions for OEM blade manufacturers and wind farm owners seeking to provide solutions to noise curtailment issues in their fleets.

Anakata has partnered with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, world leaders in the field of aerofoil noise control.

We use the same simulation, anechoic chamber and validation process and techniques as deployed for Airbus in their efforts to reduce aircraft wing noise.

By analysing the full hearing-range spectra, specific frequencies of blade noise can be mitigated effectively from our validated process. Our solutions can reduce noise beyond what the industry standard serrations can deliver.

All 3D Tip Boosters come with noise suppression serrations fitted as standard. As well as reducing noise, the breaking down of the shear layer on the blade produces fatigue life benefits by reducing the magnitude of unsteady loads.

Please contact us if you have noise related curtailment issues and require the best solution possible.

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