Next Generation Blade Design

Anakata partners and collaborates with technology organisations and OEMs on many new technology projects in the blade design sector.

Commissioned to provide aerodynamic solutions for the next generation of 20MW+ class of offshore blades, Anakata is pushing the boundaries of what is possible for these large-scale devices and their particular challenges in the BEIS sponsored Jules Challenge programme.

We supply novel solutions that lie outside of what the industry currently is able to offer.

Many of our products are focused on reducing fatigue loads and protecting the blade in harsh environments.

We are developing aerodynamic testing instrumentation and facilities with our partners, to improve the modelling of turbine blade aerodynamic responses in unsteady conditions.

Other unique studies and projects include large scale downwind blades and to help solve the issue of blade / tower interactions that restricts larger blades. Our solutions allow blades to be designed with less material, providing significant opportunities for turbine design and reducing LCOE.

We have also developed organic composite blades made from such plant-based materials as bamboo, cashew nut and hemp which have inherently suitable properties compared to oil-based glass fibre products currently widely used in the industry.

If these projects sound of interest to your company, please contact us at Anakata for further information.

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