Leading edge protection

Maintaining blade performance is critical to a turbines efficiency. Anakata have developed a ‘For Life’ Leading Edge Protection (4L LEP) solution for its 3D Tip Boosters and blade leading edges. This development has been carried out in collaboration with the Offshore Renewable Catapult, using their Rain Erosion Test Rig (an industry benchmark test for evaluation on products used for this process).

This predicts a life of 20 years for our 4L LEP product surpassing many industry recognised products tested on the same rig.

Anakata have new products under development for onshore and offshore applications involving better airflow control over the leading edge of the blade, resulting in power uplift above and beyond the simple structural protection of the blade.

These components are also targeted at reducing unsteady loads on the turbine and their subsequent impact on fatigue life.

To discuss the right LEP solution for your turbine, please contact Anakata.

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