IR driven Aerodynamic Blade Optimisation

Our hugely successful IR driven Aerodynamic Blade Optimisation Service has already produced AEP and financial returns for many clients. It also compliments our Upgrade Pack development.

The process is totally non-invasive to turbine operations. Anakata will come to your wind farm and scan your turbines in operation and then report on the aerodynamic effectiveness of your turbine blades and produce recommendations for optimisation of power output.

Using this tool, we can also account for the specific blade condition when considering the optimisation of any upgrade.

IR enables us to forensically analyse airflow by looking directly at its temperature signature on the blade. The resulting images and data collected are carefully interrupted to enable identification and quantification of:

• Blade condition (quantitative impact of torque/power loss due to soiling and or erosion)
• Blade functionality verification (aerodynamic operational envelope check, pitch angle misalignment, other aerodynamic imbalance between blades on a specific turbine)
• Blade leading edge protection functionality appraisal (LEP strategy and product type effectiveness verification)
• Blade furniture functionality verification
• Blade noises sources
• Blade manufacturing geometry defect impacts.

IR 2
Anakata IR Image of an OEM Inboard Vortex Generator array

Anakata’s bespoke data reduction and analysis provides quantitative assessment of lost AEP, new power curves produced and a clear practical action plan on how blade condition can be improved.

Existing and new power curves generated through Anakata IR service.


Our bespoke process allows us to identify differences in blade performance from one blade to another on the same turbine. 

To have your wind turbine blade effectiveness appraised and an action plan to improve performance, please get in touch.

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