Onshore Solutions

Our focus is on improving the performance of wind turbine blades. Our upgrade pack interventions focus on increasing the energy capture of the blades, typically by 5%.

Additionally, we can help you quantify and mitigate the downside of leading edge erosion. As wind farm owners look to extend the operational life of their wind farms and limit operational expenditure and costly repairs, the operational life of wind turbines and their blades is becoming an increasingly important issue. We are ensuring every blade is operating at its maximum potential throughout its remaining operating life with Anakata’s array of erosion mitigation strategies.

Controlling airflows around the blade can have a significant impact on the level of mechanical stress a blade is under, and thus their fatigue life and maintenance costs. Here, we help with devices that simultaneously reduce unsteady loads and increase AEP.

Finally, our noise serrations, with their complex, designed geometries, significantly reduce noise emissions, helping owners avoid operational curtailments and be better neighbours.

Performance with Purpose