Offshore Solutions

Offshore blades are more challenging, but in many ways this just means there are more opportunities for Anakata to make a difference. Offshore blades are a lot bigger and heavier, the tips of the blades end up working at faster speeds as they rotate and they have to operate in a saline environment that can accelerate blade erosion. Additionally, working on blades and completing repairs offshore is inevitably more challenging and expensive.

To help, our team’s worked on several projects with Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, including new blade designs for offshore and developing wind tunnel facilities to meet the needs of offshore blades. We are also working with a number of large wind farm owners to deliver offshore solutions that add additional torque (energy) without capturing additional thrust. This way, we can deliver a 2-4% performance improvement, which can be highly financially impactful, in particular given the increasing average size of offshore turbines.

Additionally, our IR turbine analysis can analyse a blade’s condition without requiring the turbine to stop generating, thereby avoiding unnecessary costly downtime. We can then analyse the data, and recommend turbine specific leading edge remedial solutions, with quantified AEP uplifts for each turbine.

Performance with Purpose