Anakata customers rely on us to deliver best-in-class returns, with the highest standards of engineering diligence.

We do all the work in product design and development so our customers can be reassured they are getting the best. Anakata solutions can be installed quickly and safely, and with our commitment to constant market-leading innovation and ROI, our customers know they have the optimum blade performance solution from the best aerodynamic experts in the industry.

One of our key products is our range of (patent applied) 3D Tip Boosters. These are able to deliver significant uplift in energy capture through reduction in induced or tip drag and driving down induction to the outer area of the blade. We believe that, in the future, all turbine blades will have a 3D Tip Booster device on them, and we are leading the way: in fact, there are more turbines operating with our devices than any other supplier in the world (as demonstrated on turbines from 750 kW to 4.5 MW in size).

Our other blade add-ons focus on providing more optimised 3D solutions. For instance, Anakata blade furniture has intricate geometries to control and tailor airflows along different sections of the blade to maximise energy capture and reduce fatigue loads. Anakata’s unique designed geometrical features also mean drag is controlled and unsteady air flows (and their subsequent unsteady loads) end up much better managed, altering the shedding frequency of the blade. In turn, this helps break down the load amplitude and frequency shift on the blade, which in turn helps extend average operational life.

Anakata’s 3D Vortical Entrainment devices create a family of rotational flow characteristics tailored to the blade requirements. Born in F1, vortex entrainment control is a specialised technique that allows us to manage the intensity, length and trajectory of any given vortex. Field experience proves that wind industry standard Vortex Generators are not able to control these parameters as closely as our complex 3D designs can.

We have also developed our own unique noise suppression serrated solutions. These can reduce noise emissions and add extra power.
To get there, Anakata’s process uses a model scale rapid development test in an anechoic wind tunnel at its core developed with Airbus noise specialists at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (which is a world leader in wing and noise suppression), and delivers results far superior to standard, industry offerings for serrations.

Performance is important for the transition of existing turbine blades to their optimal state, but Anakata is also leading the blade designs of the future. Our non-classical, holistic approach allows us to look beyond the current design horizon. We work with the largest OEMs and technical organisations such as Offshore Renewable Catapult to move the possibilities of next generation blade design into reality over the coming years. Whether we are investigating how lightweight, downwind blades may be more suitable for huge new offshore designs, or developing new instrumentation to assess and supress unwanted, unsteady load signatures, or designing state of the art bespoke inboard or outboard blade aerofoils, we are at the leading edge of the technology and helping the industry get better in every way.

Finally, a key part of the Anakata solution is our on-site, IR turbine performance analysis which brings back millimetre-detail of your blade’s real-world aerodynamics and how it can be improved. Our bespoke complex modelling of IR data also allows us to quantify, and to very granular levels, the specific dollar amount of lost AEP from the actual blades surveyed—but more critically for you as a customer, what actions can be taken to win your lost AEP delivery back with a combination of Anakata’s bespoke blade condition mitigation strategies, including Leading Edge protection solutions, 3D Vortical Entrainment Devices and blade conditioning surface treatments, such as Anakata Blade Wax.

Win-wins for you the wind farm owner, the turbine manufacturing sector, and the planet.


Performance with purpose


Our focus is on improving the performance of wind turbine blades. Our upgrade pack interventions focus on increasing the energy capture of the blades, typically by 5%.


Offshore blades are more challenging, but in many ways this just means there are more opportunities for Anakata to make a difference.

Performance with Purpose